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Messages by Pastor Joe Schimmel
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Are We Bound by the Sabbath?
    Are We Bound by the Sabbath?

Is The End Near?    Is The End Near?

Isaac and Rebekah    Isaac and Rebekah

Murder at its Worst: Abortion    Murder at its Worst: Abortion

Joe Schimmel's Testimony    Joe Schimmel's Testimony

    How to Have Safe Sex

    Paradise Lost - Paradise Restored

    Who Does God Love

    Don't Forget God

    Are We Little Gods?

    It's All About The Blood

    Check Yourself

    The Passion of Christ and Mary

    Is the Trinity Biblical?

    Going for the Gold, Part 1

    Going for the Gold, Part 2

    Cutting Yourself? Animals in Heaven? Aware of Hell in Heaven?

    Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven?

    How Can a Loving God Allow Evil & Suffering?

    Is There Any Evidence of Life on Earth?

    Soul Sleep: Is it Biblical?

    New Year's 2005

    The Book of Hebrews, Introduction

    Does God Always Heal?

    Tsunami: Judgment of God?

    Dressed To Kill

    Remember The Poor

    Exodus Series: Intro

    Exodus Series: Part 1

    Rescuing P24:11's

    Dan Brown & the Balaamites

    The Mona Lucy

    The Da Vinci Code: D-Con for Humans

    The Resurrection vs The Da Vinci Code

    The Significance of Motherhood

    Here Today, Gone to-Marah

    The Prodigal Father

    Israel, Hezbollah, and Prophecy

    Manna From Heaven

    Living Water

    Hands of War

    Knowing the True God

    God's Road Blocks

    The Heart of Ministry

    Ministering Together

    Streakers and Fig Leaves

    Eagles and Turkeys

    Healing in His Wings

    American Idolatry

Messages by Associate Pastor Steve Aguilar

    The Choice is Yours (Men's Retreat)

    Being an Impartial Christian

    The Marriage Minded Man (Men's Retreat)

    Biblical Temptation

    Biblical Forgiveness

    You Are What You Eat

    The Parable of the Landowner

    What Does a Believer Have in Common with an Unbeliever?

    The Parable of the "Three Sons"

    The Parable of the Two Sons: Hope for the Home

    How to Love the Unlovable

    What the Blind Man Saw

    Identifying and Avoiding Gossip

    Avoiding a 360 Degree Conversion

    What Was Sodom's Sin?

    What May "Seem Right" in Your Own Eyes...

    The Naaman SINdrome

Men's Retreat 2004

    Biblical Backbone

    The Marriage Minded Man

    Victory Over Sexual Sin, Part 3

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